Preparing for Instruction 2 – Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Humour in the Classroom (**Updated**)

Using humour in the classroom can be a challenge, but it is one way to foster a positive learning environment for adults.

The first step in figuring out how to effectively incorporate humour into your class is understanding what humour is. According to Laugh and Learn, an article from Humber’s, The Centre for Teaching and Learning, humour can be defined as,

 “any communication that leads to laughing,

smiling or a feeling of amusement.”

And although it may be a challenge to incorporate humour into your lesson plans, it’s well worth it; humour has many benefits including, helping remember new information, increasing learning speed, improving problem solving, relieving stress, reducing test anxiety and making students see teachers as more credible.

I am trying to incorporate humour at least once into most, if not all of my lessons. I enjoy humour and this article only further supports my belief that humour makes people feel good. I  think that naturally I do incorporate humour, but I also like the idea of introducing a funny quote or picture at the beginning of class to get the students thinking as one, as suggested in the Laugh and Learn article above.

I think this will improve my instruction because it will help to foster a more relaxed and open atmosphere for the students and I think it will also help to keep me relaxed as well because this is my first theory/classroom course that I am going to be teaching and I feel a little nervous at times thinking about it.


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